Automatically selecting cells adjacent to selected ones

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Hello, please advise on how to automatically select hundreds of cells that appear adjacent to already selected cells without using Ctrl which makes you select each cell manually. We have a bank statement in which we find and select certain expenses but would also like to select their respective amounts which appear next to them in the adjacent column. Is it possible? Our ultimate goal is to then calculate the sum of those selected expenses or their amounts which we would also appreciate some light on as well. Thanks.
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If you select the range in your column you may drag bottom right corner of the selection box to the right

Hello, thanks for the response. However, when I try to drag any of the selected lines to the right, though, I actually need them dragged to the left as that is where the other needed column with the amounts is, it deselects the other lines which are not adjacent, by the way. So I end up with one line selected only. If you could clarify, it would be great. Thanks.

You may keep Ctrl pressed, click on first cell in another column you'd like to select and scroll by mouse down till end of your region. It takes couple of seconds for hundred of rows.

Hi, thanks for trying to help. However, unfortunately, it does not work.  It simply selects the entire column A but I need only the cells that are adjacent to the already selected cells in column B. Just so you have an idea of what I have here; I go to Find & Select and find an expense which shows me like 150 lines which I then select by pressing Ctrl + A which leads to those lines being selected in column B. Now my goal is to select only the adjacent cells in column A which are the amounts of those expenses.