Automatically searching for data in sheet 2 for when it has been entered in sheet 1

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I was looking for a way to have data that is entered in sheet 1 to automatically search and provide a match for any data entered in sheet 2. I am not sure if there is a formulae for this?

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@remoman745 If your Sheet2, for instance, has customer date (including a unique customer ID) you can enter a customer ID somewhere in Sheet1 and than "pick-up" the required data belonging to that ID from Sheet2.

Depending on how your data in Sheet2 looks like, you can use a variety of functions (LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX / MATCH) to do that. It would be helpful if you could upload an example of your data in Sheet2, indicating what exactly you would want to show in Sheet1.


Thanks for responding.


I have not created the sheet yet but let me explain in a bit more detail.


So sheet 2 will have what is known as a sanctions list. This will have names of individuals that the government does not permit business with. This list consists of six columns that may have up to 6 different parts of a name. If the sanctioned consumer has just a first name and surname, only two fields will be filled in the sheet.

Sheet 1 will have the name of consumers that come to the location to do business. The aim here is that when we enter the name of the consumer in sheet 1, it automatically identifies a match to the name in sheet 2. 


I hope this makes it clearer.

@remoman745 Clear, but can you create an example of the your Sheet2 with a few rows of made up names (some with 6 parts, others just two, three, four or five). How would it look like? The same for Sheet1 and what logic (in your own mind, without using Excel) would you use to accept or reject a consumer if you had a printed list in front of you the check the name. In other words, if you meet John Brown, how would you determine that this is "John Robert Brown, born 10 December 1960", "John Brown III from New York" or just "John Brown"?




Thanks again for the quick response. I have attached a sample of the file I will be using.