Automatically Populatiung Profit Amount

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Hope some one can help please. I have attached a sample spreadsheet.


I have a catalogue of Products from a supplier.

Each product has numerous costs and what I want to achieve is to be able to enter a profit amount for all the products in one cell which will therefore populate the amount throughout the catalogue to all the catalogue.


With doing this the Buy it Now Price will be automatically  updated to accommodate the profit. 

Products with a Selling Price Less than £9.99 Selling will need an option to include Postage of £3.54 if not the Buy it now will need to be increased to accommodate the profit.

The Fields 

 Are as follows

Item NameSales DescriptionSelling PricePostage Cost  Under 9.99RRPSell Price inc VATBuy it nowBIN inc ebay feesPromo FeeActual Profit

Products  <9.99

With out £3.54 postage

Profit MarginCategoryPackage WeightPackage LengthPackage WidthPackage HeightSKUEANStock On HandQuanity

100 Hour Burn Time Pilla

r Candle

A white, pillar candle 3.733.549.994.489.991.780.203.540.201.96%Candles0.89918S-CD5269502441871730045 3
100 Hour Burn Time Pillar Candle, Vanilla FragranceA white, pillar candle with a single wick in white. 3.863.5410.994.6310.991.930.226.360.898.11%Candles0.99918S-CD5386502441875071042 3
10x14cm Tree Life Trinket DishThis glass trinket dish 2.93.548.993.4810.991.930.225.512.0422.73%Tree Of Life0.4212173S-TL0063502441828506936 3


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