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Hi, is there anyone who can help me? I want to fill up a cell using the information from different worksheet based on their names in the worksheet, is there any formula to do it automatically?

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Here are some links that could help you in your plans.


Create or change a cell reference

A cell reference refers to a cell or a range of cells on a worksheet and can be used in a formula so that Microsoft Office Excel can find the values or data that you want that formula to calculate.

Combine data from multiple sheets

If you receive information in multiple sheets or workbooks that you want to summarize, the Consolidate command can help you pull data together onto one sheet.

How can I merge two or more tables?

You can merge (combine) rows from one table into another simply by pasting the data in the first empty cells below the target table. The table will increase in size to include the new rows.


If these links cannot help you, please provide more detailed information about your project.

With information about Excel version, operating system, storage medium, etc.


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Hi @iamheiz,

Yes, there is a way.
But in order to do it, you have to write the name of your worksheets on the cells.
Like this:

Using the figure above,

Enter this formula on your desired cells to fill up (ex.: cell: "C5").


Explanation and Source:

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