Automatically cut and paste data from one date column to the next

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I went back and played around with this and have a better understanding now. I created a name for all of my dates stretched across my excel columns


I created an excel if formula below

=(IF(_Date_Range>=A7,('B747-800IF Loan'!L24:EI29),0))
A7 = 08/01/2021 start date
'B747-800IF Loan'!L24:EI29 = Financial data from loan spreadsheet
Ex: [Loan 1][1]
Loan Data.jpg

This has allowed me to zero out all of the data before 08/01/2021 but it does not give me all of my transposed data from the loan calculation spreadsheet. I lose the first 8 months of my financial data (See below - Loan 2 Jpeg Link)

Loan 2

Loan Data 2.jpg

I cannot figure out how to get the financial data to start from the beginning on my desired start date.

I hope this provides more clarity

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