Automatically copying Data from a "main" tab to another tab

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Hey everyone,


I am working on a IT ticket doc for my job. My question is how do I get cells from the main tab called "Ticket Log", to populate in the other tabs I've created? Doc I've been working in attached for reference.


Here's the scenario: In the Ticket Log tab, column B is "Issue Type". When you click the cell you get to choose options from a drop down menu (Live Stream, Recording Stream, etc.), which coincide with the other tabs after the "Ticket Log" tab. When we choose the correct drop down option in the Ticket Log tab, what I want is for all of the info we input in the adjacent "Comments/Steps Taken" and "Resolution" cells to also populate in the related tab on the next available row of cells within the related tab.

     Example: I choose "Live Stream" from the drop down in the "Ticket Log" tab. I make my notes in the 2 other cells. What I want to see is, if I click on the "Live Stream Issue" tab, everything I just typed in the 'Ticket Log" tab is there. If I chose Workstation from the drop down, I want to see that ticket populate in the "Workstation" tab as well. 


The idea of this is so we have a running tab of all issues on a job site (Ticket Log tab), but the doc will separate out those issues in corresponding tabs so we can quickly go look at past tickets on a specific issue type without having to scroll through/filter out the other results in the Ticket Log tab.


Hope that was enough info. Please let me know if you need any more info and thanks in advance for the help

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