automatically changing time values

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I am trying to create a spreadsheet that changes time from an input column by a specific amount with the result in another column (see screen capture).Capture.JPG

                  (Time entered in Column E is adjusted by 45 minutes and displayed in column F)


 Using the TIME function doesn't work but I found that FILL SERIES will work however I have to do each column manually.  Is there a way to format the column to do this automatically as each cell is filled?

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You may enter into F2


after that double click on the dot at right bottom of the frame around the cell; or drag it down


Enter the following formula in F2:


=IF(E2="", "", E2+TIME(0,45,0))


Fill down from F2 as far as you want.

Thanks. That was what I needed.
I tried this and was told that I had too many arguments. It does seem that this is a more elegant approach but I'll have to toy with it to get it working. Thanks


It works for me:




If you use comma as decimal separator, the formula would be


=IF(E2=""; ""; E2+TIME(0;45;0))

Got it! I modified your formula to: IF(E2="","",E2+45/60/24) and this gave me what I was going for. Thanks
I'm not sure why it said too many arguments. It looked like it should work to me.