Automatically Adding Values from Separate Columns in Excel

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I have an Excel spreadsheet with 2 columns, A & B.  I would like column B to automatically populate a value once I insert a number into column A. 


Does anyone know how to do that?


For (column, row) (B, 2), I'm using the following simple formula:



Eg: If B1 Value is 10, and I insert value of 2 into cell A2, then cell B2 would automatically populate the value of 12.


A    B


2    12






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Enter the following formula in B2:


=IF(A2="", "", SUM(B1,A2))


Fill down a good way, for example to B1000.

The cells in column B will remain blank until a value is entered in the corresponding cell in column A.

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@Hans Vogelaar 


Thank you, Hans, that makes total sense and it worked perfectly.   :lol:


This is the first time I have ever tried "Blogging" and you answered the call quickly and correctly.


Very much appreciated.


- Ray (from Maryland)