Automatic Translation from "F" Fila in Spanish to "R" Row in English

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Hi all,

I am using in some functions the letter "F" as Spanish reference to Row,


But when sharing my files with colleagues in US, UK or Germany, their excel do not recognize nor translate the "F" to "R" (Row),

So the Functions are not working for my colleagues


Exists any common code to define Row in all languages?

Or any way for Excel to automatically translate "F" or "R" to other languages? as it does with Functions




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Can you give an example of the formulas you are using? Translation won't be possible, though there may exist alternative, locale-independent solutions.



Hi Jos
this is one example:



I would need the "F" and the "C" references to Row and Column,

to be translated or useful in all languages Spanish, English, German, French...

Can I ask what the intended use for this formula is? Clearly it is simply referring to the cell directly above that in which the formula lies, so the question becomes: why are you going to such lengths to create such an indirect reference?

on my file there are other formulas more complex, also using this kind of references


On the first example we need a system to be sure that if we introduce rows between our calculations this cell is always referring to just above cell

On the second example, it is difficult to explain how they work, as the file was created by somebody that left the company,

So I just trying to keep the file working and sharing it with my colleagues around the world

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So why can't you use simply




For example, the formula in cell J10 would be:




Note that no circular reference is caused by this formula. And it will always refer to the cell immediately above it (though obviously in row 1 it will result in an error).




I guess your formula returns something like R6C5. Same could be returned by =ADDRESS(6,5,1,0) without F/R and C.


Many thanks, it works perfectly

Many thanks for your answer