Automatic month and year generator in workbook

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I am very new to excel and I am trying to make monthly spreadsheets to track our new births at our clinics. 

I have created 12 spreadsheets for each month but would love to be able to automatically have the months populate and the year. 

How do I do this please?


With thanks

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If you ever want to create overviews of your data, now is the time to reconsider your design. It is far easier for Excel if all data is on a single tab, in a table. I propose you create a table with columns like this:
Date, Time, Clinic name, [bunch of columns containing details about the birth such as name, sex, .... Each detail needs to go in its own column]
The table should have one row for these headings, data goes in the subsequent rows.
When a new birth needs to be entered, simply type the details on a new line in the table. Tip: today's date is quickly entered by pressing control+;

As soon as you have one or two lines in that table, click in any cell of the header row and press control+t (t for table). That will tell Excel this is a single table and will ease sorting and filtering. Make sure the "My Table has headers" checkbox is checked.
Next, click on the "Table design" tab on the ribbon and enter a meaningful name for the table in the name box top-right in the ribbon.
For quick and easy filtering, on that same ribbon tab, click the "Insert Slicer" button and select the column(s) you want to easily filter on.