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Hi, I have a list of parts in the first column. In a separate folder I have a jpg image for each part. I would like to create a system whereby if a specific part number is present in the first column it will automatically extract the corresponding jpg image from the folder and place it in a cell to the right of the first column. Likewise if a part is removed from the first column I want the corresponding image to be removed from the sheet. If this is possible then any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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There is the simple possibility to do this via the comments.

Can also be taken from other folders with VBA, but it also takes time accordingly.
If you insert a graphic / image in a comment, it will be visible when you mouse-over.
Here is the installation description:
Cursor in cell with comment -
-> right mouse button
-> edit comment
-> right mouse button click on the edge of the comment field
(an art piece in itself)
-> Select Format Comment
-> colors and lines
-> DropDown color
-> fill effects
-> Graphics tab
-> select graphic


Example file inserted.


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