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I am working on a template document that requires the following:

Page 1 contains all the data entry (texts and calculation) it is complex and detailed, but some of the fields may not need to be used at certain jobs. This page is where the scope of work will be entered.

Page 2 contains the presentation document. That is the one to be shown to the customer.

I have been using an Excel template that does exactly that (given to me by someone no longer available). Now I need to design the same document format, but with some differences for a different purpose.

The "old" template have a "TRUE/FALSE" formula by the end of the line (all individual lines). If any data is plugged into the line, that line turns into "TRUE" and the whole line is transferred to the "presentation form" (the second sheet). If nothing is entered, it remains "FALSE" and it will not transfer.

I have not been able to reproduce this formula. On my new document, I have all of the calculations and text in place, and every line automatically turns into TRUE or FALSE accordingly, but every formula I use, does not transfer to the next page like the old template document does. I also have not been able to "reverse engineer" this process... Any tips?

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