Automatic data entry in different sheets

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Hello everybody,

I would like to know if it is possible to ensure that when you enter data in one sheet, they are automatically inserted in another sheet.

In the "General" sheet I have all the reservations.
The other sheets are the names of those who made the reservations.
I want that when I insert a new sheet with a new person and insert data there, that same data insert automatically in the "General" sheet.

Thank you!


PS. Attached is the excel file in question.

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This solution will work if you have access to Lambda.  I've created a function to roll-up the sheets.


3-D reference 'AllSheets'

='Mr. Esposito:Mr. Cristella'!$A$3:$D$302

'Applicants' constant

StackApplicants - this creates an array of applicants. Each applicant is repeated 300 times to match the 300 records (potentially) pulled for each sheet.
=DROP(REDUCE("", Applicants, LAMBDA(a, v, VSTACK(a, EXPAND(v, 300, , v)))), 1)

'RollUp' Lambda.  Consolidate all sheets. Filter out sheets where the requested date is empty.
    stack, VSTACK(sheets),
    records, HSTACK(TAKE(stack, , 3), StackApplicants, TAKE(stack, , -1)),
    FILTER(records, TAKE(records, , -1) <> 0)


Sheet level formula:

Thanks but when i try to change the data in the other sheets, in the general sheet they all become errors
Which version of Excel do you have?