Automatic completion of cell entries

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I need to get my drop down list to recognize text when I start typing instead of manually having to click on the options.

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The online version of Excel does this and will be coming to the desktop Excel 365 version 'soon'. You can presently have your drop down list filtered by text you type into the cell but the way that works is that you type some characters into the cell and THEN you click the drop down button and see a filtered list of options (i.e. it is not dynamically happening as you type). If you want help/instructions on how to do that here is a good link:
Ahhhh @mtarler thanks for the advice, and the link provided. I will give this a crack shortly. How long is "soon" I wonder?
Thanks mate
"soon" ... I have no idea. Here is a link to the article I saw that says it is in Beta as of this past Jan. So when you get it will depend on when they release it to production and then what type of subscription you have.