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I'm new to Excel and learning as I go.

I want to set up the following system:
I have $ values in columns G and H. I want to make it so that when I type a new value in a cell in G, the H cell on the same row auto-calculates the sum of the adjacent G and the above H.

So if I type a value in G4, then H4 = sum of H3+G4 and so on for each H cell whenever I add a new G value.

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in H4 and copy down as necessary

=SUM(H3) + G4
Is there something I can use (like a formula I can type in the H header) that will automate that process rather than having to copy paste for every cell?
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Format your 2 columns as a Table where formulas format... are auto applied to new rows as they're created

Thank you.
You're welcome. Somewhere on each reply there's an option to mark as best response => Can help others...