Autofit Row Height when sorting

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When a worksheet contains rows with different heights, I would expect those heights to be automatically adjusted during a sort of the rows in that sheet.  Alas, this appears to not be the case (At least I haven't been able to make that happen).  Can I make that happen?

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You can manually adjust the column width or row height or automatically resize columns and rows to fit the data.

Change the column width or row height in Excel


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Change the column width and row height


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Thanks for your help. I guess I'm just to lazy to want to do it manually.


Here automatic adjustment with VBA on all cells
See the attached file with examples where you can try it out yourself.

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I experimented on an excel worksheet with rows of different heights and inserted a variety of objects (pictures, text boxes, etc,) and, sure enough, when I resorted the rows, autofit did not function. I also tried reformatting the objects . . . no luck! I'm satisfied. Thanks for looking at this with me.


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