Autofit Row Height Stopped Working

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I'm on a PC w/ Windows 10 Pro, Version 20H2, Build 19042.928 running Excel 365 Build 16.0.14102.35903


I have a spreadsheet that is used all day, everyday to track jobs in progress. The spreadsheet was created by a co-worker and she set it up so the company looks at it online to see realtime updates. Up until today, the Autofit Row Height function worked w/o a glitch but this afternoon it suddenly started clipping off the text at the top & bottom of the cell. This is happening when I edit the file online and I cannot figure out how to correct it. However, when I edit it on my PC, the Autofit is working as it should.


I know just enough about Excel to be dangerous and nothing I've found on Google has helped me in correcting this issue so I'm asking this community to please help me get this spreadsheet back to working as it was up until about an hour ago today.


I've attached a copy of the Excel file for your use. Thank you! MJ.

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