Autofill WITHOUT mouse

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Hello! I'm trying to use autofill without my mouse.


Right now I need to use the mouse and use the black cross to drag down to autofill with series.


However I want to do this with a shortcut on the keypad.


The closest I have come to is by:

Choose cell

Shift + Down (as many times as needed)

Ctrl + D

However when I do this, the first cell is only copied to the others. I want it to do it in a series.


For example:

First cell = "Test_1"

I want all the other cells other to auto-increase by one to "Test_2", "Test_3" etc.



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Not sure if simple shortcut exists. You may select the range to fill staring form first cell, Alt+E+I+S, select within box AutoFill with tabs, Enter.

Above shortcut from former time, now default combination Alt+H+F+I+S



I can't seem to get it to work with your instructions either.



@Sergei Baklan