Autofill the Row_Index_num field on a Hlookup

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i am currently creating a table auto populated with Hlookups. the table as formulas looks a bit like this



A =hlookup(A1,'Sheet2'A1:A2,[2],False)

B =hlookup(A1,'Sheet2'A1:A2,[3],False)


When i try to use the drag feature to autofill rows below it doesnt realize i want the bracketed number ([2] & [3]) to go up by one for each row and therefore i have been manually changing the number to fit the line it is on. I have to do this for 999 lines however and was wondering if anyone knew of way to get this to autofill


Thanks in advanced

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Instead of constants (2 & 3) you may use formula like ROW()+1 or any other one which changes the value when you drag cells.

as in replace the hlookup with a row function or replace the constant within the hlookup with a row function? I tried plugging in a row function as the constant in the hlookup and it did not work, and I do not think I will be able to run the table as i need to without the hlookup.

Thanks for taking the time to respond and help!

Please check attached, it works with function

Oh I see, i was thinking i had to plug in a starting cell in the () in Row()+1. I had a small problem with the starting result being 2 rows below where my data starts, but was able to simply shift my table down to make it work.

Thanks again for the help I got it working how i need now!

You may use ROW()+something, e.g. ROW()+ROW($A$1) if A1 is your header cell, or like