Autofill or Dropdown based on a filter

Patricia Buel
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I have a set of customer data that has grown too long.  Had it as a single drop down but want to limit the drop down selection based on a second criteria,  For example purposes, let's use state as the second criteria.  Goal is that person entering the data could choose the state from the first drop down list and then the second drop down would show only those customers in that state.



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Please reference the attached sample workbook.  It will give you two examples of how to create a list linked to criteria.  Here is a good tutorial on how to accomplish the task.  You basically need to make a dropdown that points to the other dropdowns using the Indirect() Function and a number of Named Ranges:




Here is an example based on your description:








Just wanted to follow up and see if you were able to resolve your issue with the information I provided?