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I work for a property management company, and we are trying to develop an easier way to account for our in-house maintenance. Not sure if this is a long there a way for my maintenance manager to enter maintenance logs on one summary page and the line of information then be automatically copied to the following sheet that corresponds to the property? 

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FILTER might do it for you.


Please see attached.

@Patrick2788 No what I am wanting is for data to be entered on one sheet and then automatically filled in on another sheet associated with that data. 


So, our maintenance manager will enter line items on the summary page for 1 main street, 12 main st, and 136 Main street....I then need the line associated with 1 main street to be auto filled on the 1 main st sheet. 


Did you get a chance to look at the sample I uploaded? The FILTER function does precisely what you're looking to do.


I am so sorry!! Thank you so much that is EXACTLY What I am looking for!!
You're welcome. It's one of the most popular formula requests on the board.