Autofill from different workbook based on unique ID to separated cells

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Hello Excel Experts!



I have two separate workbooks. One will hold the data in a standard table format. The other will be for printing out customer information. In the printout the customer data will be located in various cells around the sheet.


Expected Result:

I would like to be able to input the Student ID (yellow fill) into the printout sheet and the data would auto-populate into the cells (blue fill) on the printout sheet.


Example data workbook:



Example printout (located in a separate workbook):



PC: Windows 11

Excel: Microsoft 365 Excel for Desktop (Version 2112)

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Attached is an excel file with a formula that I think might work,





That was exactly what I needed!! It works like a charm on my workbooks.

Since I think I will be using this formula quite a bit, I will dive into the logic but I now know how to use it on a surface level.


Thanks again!