Autofill from a changing list

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Hi, Very new to more than basic excel.


I've got a fixed table on the master sheet that I would like certain cells to autofill data from another sheet where I am copy pastying a basic table to.


The 2nd sheet called "Paste Here" has tables pasted to it that are never in the same order except for the headers (account name, number , days since last purchase, etc). I would like to somehow define rows on the master sheet to be "Company Number" and have the cells within those autofill based on searching the 2nd sheet for matching rows with the same company number and populate on certain cells.


The copy pasted table will always move around as its formatted to be oldest at the top and newest at the bottom, this is a generated from a web page where I do not have access to the source.


I hope this makes sense.

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Providing an excel file is very much helpful for us to have an perspective on what you're looking/asking for.

If in your 2nd sheet columns remains same order, "vlookup" "xlookup" can meet your needs
If column order changes but remains same name, "match" and "offset" helps.

Adding new rows should not impact anything in your formular when you refer to columns.