autofill formula across large spreadsheet with sequenced cell references

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Is there a way to populate 60k+ cells in a spreadsheet with a properly sequencing formula with mixed absolute and relative cell reference parameters without having to drag the autofill handle across all 60k+ cells?

The data is spread across over 5000 rows under 12 month columns in an annual man-hours timesheet. The formula sequencing and results work as expected across several hundred cells with dragging the autofill handle on the first cell containing the formula but I'm hoping to hear of a quick and easy way to autofill all 60+k cells with the properly sequenced formulas.

Thank you.

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@bzude54 Let's say the first cell with the formula is in B2 and you want to copy it down and across to M5000. Select cell B2 and Ctrl-C. Now, enter the rang to paste to in the name box (just above the top left-hand corner of the grid) and type B2:M5000. Press enter and then Ctrl-V.

Screenshot 2022-04-17 at 06.46.16.png

@Riny_van_Eekelen Your method worked great! Just what I needed! Thank you very much!