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I have recently started working as a receptionest at a solicitors office, originally i was told to use a scratch pad (recycled paper and pen pad) to jot down the details of clients calling in, Iv since made a Excel sheet that is as follows.

Name                               Number            Staff member           Matter

Joe Swanson                     0458586489     George Floyd           Contact
Maranda Jackson             0456784368     Barry Hamilton        Creating an appointment

Joelee Simpson                0467976486     George Floyd           Drink Driving

Michael Halmilton            0467646482     Michelle Holdem     Conveyancing

Joe Swanson                     0458586489     George Floyd           Contact

Sherry Holwood               0464486521     George Floyd           Contact

Joe Swanson                     0458586489     George Floyd           Contact

As you can image I tend to use quite a fair few cells per day talking to clients that call in.

here and there I am unable to grab their contact numbers but I'm wondering, is there a formula or a way I can use auto fill to automatically pick up that I have typed "Joe Swanson" and have it autofill his contact number if that data has been previously entered?

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Yes! You need to use a lookup. If you have office 365, xlookup will be the best. Otherwise vlookup will be fine but the formula will differ slightly.

You'll have to adapt this to your workbook but this should do what you're looking for:


This looks up the name next to the formula for a matching name that's been previously entered. It then pulls the number in after. You can do this for any column or data that you need.



@DKoontz Can you explain this formula a bit more? sorry, pretty new to formulas in excel.

whats the best means of adapting it to my workbook its currently A84 B84 C84 D84

A = Name B= Contact Number C= Staff member D = Matter

Cell 1 is the announcement of columns

and im wanting it to be forever continuing. may also be because i haven't eaten yet, ill see if i can figure it out after lunch.


Thanks for your help

Kind reguards