Autofill colour and value - Risk Register

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How can we have a cell auto fill with a colour and value by referencing colums in another table? We are trying to develop our risk register and the the conditional methods dont allow for different colours with the same value inputed. For example a 10x1=20 risk will need to be red but a 5X4=20 risk will need to be amber.

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@OliverPowell If the 20 is based on two separate cells you need to write two separate conditions based on both the value of 20 and one of the other ones. For instance, one rule for RED if total >= 20 and first >=10, and another rule for AMBER if total >= 20 and first <=10.

Hi @Riny_van_Eekelen thank you for the reply, I have had a look a how to do this and whilst i can get the total value I am unsure where to find the part where I can say if the first figure is >/< 10. 

@OliverPowell Perhaps the attached file helps. It uses two separate rules.