Autofill a cell through formula

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Is there a way to fill a formula say you type 1 and it fills out True

or 2 and it fills out false


Is there a way to make a formula like this row dependent? so for row 2, 1 may mean yes instead of true on row 1

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The general answer to your general question, "Is it possible?" is yes.


To be more specific with an actual function or formula, you will need to be more specific in what those conditions are.


Excel has a lot of ability handle complex IF.....THEN conditionals, handling multiple conditions, sub-conditions and all. But we the users need to be very structured and clear on what conditions lead to what consequences. It can help to put together a table, a two-dimensional matrix, that spells things out.....


Might I suggest you give a try at it yourself, in Excel, and then if you still need help post your work-in-progress here for further suggestions.


Here's a link to a website that might help you with some IF and IFS formulas on your own.