Autocomplete not working for data validation

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At work we have a shared excel sheet (we open it on the web) and we use it to store data.

We had it set up with data validation list's and when we typed into the boxes, it would autocomplete one of the options. Now, you have to click the down box then start typing because autocomplete has stopped working.


Autocomplete is still checked in options, and everything is still the same setting that it was previously as far as anyone can tell. 

Please help!

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@Mollierosemac If you are still looking for a resolution, here is an option, insert a blank row between your headings and your data. That's it.

Hope this helps!


Tried the inserting a row into the data sheet and still does not work on the desktop app. sheet works fine on the web ver@CCJoe67 


Its April 2023 and same issue as last year, suddenly autocomplete stopped working.

Happening again, my autocomplete suddenly stopped working tried to downgrade to previous excel versions but still not working.


Clear your browser’s cache and cookies:

Sometimes, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can help resolve issues with web-based applications.

Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and then reopening the Excel file to see if that helps.


I hope this helps! :)



It used to work fine for me last year, but since a week or so, it doesn't work anymore on my desktop version. I tried the suggestions here, but nothing works. 

The AutoComplete for drop-down lists feature on Excel for Windows was in the process of rolling out to all Current Channel customers. As we roll it out, we also ensure things are working smoothly before we expand our rollout to larger numbers of users. Sometimes, based on user feedback, we find things aren't working as expected. This is rare. That said, we have confirmed one such issue, so we have rolled back (a.k.a. turned off) AutoComplete for drop-down lists for all our Current Channel users.

We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing you. We are working hard to fix the issue as we speak in order to restart rolling out AutoComplete for drop-down lists in Current Channel as soon as we can.


i also have same issue and I contacted with Microsoft support team, they got control of my pc for two days and failed to resolve the issue. in the end they given up by sayin your windows is not activated so that auto complete dropdown is not working while I check on my another pc which has registered windows and registered Office 365 and this option also not working on that.. means Microsoft team is not enough expert to handle this job @Mollierosemac 

It has to be something in windows. I am able to take the spreadsheet to my personal pc or laptop and the autocomplete works just fine. There seems to be something on the local end, in windows, that is not being allowed to run under the administered GP. I am just unsure at what to look at @Adnan1980 

@Prash Shirolkar 
Any update on this as it's been a month since this comment. Any other work arounds you can suggest?


It's better to follow this blog. As Prash mentioned few days ago, feature will be available on Current channel "as soon as we can". Depends on users feedback and bugs appeared.

thank you very much!
It is now November 16. Still not working on 2021 LTSC (version 2108 build 14332.20604).