Autocomplete not working for data validation

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At work we have a shared excel sheet (we open it on the web) and we use it to store data.

We had it set up with data validation list's and when we typed into the boxes, it would autocomplete one of the options. Now, you have to click the down box then start typing because autocomplete has stopped working.


Autocomplete is still checked in options, and everything is still the same setting that it was previously as far as anyone can tell. 

Please help!

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Thank you for the update. Still not active for my users.
Probably still rolling out, might have done a test rollout for Adam and waiting for it to blow up or not.

@drewwolfe confirmed still not working for us either

Not working in Excel Online for us right now...still very annoying. D:


I changed Regional Format (File>Options>Regional Format Settings) from English (Australia) back to English (US) then reverted to English (Australia) again and it seemed to come good... for now... Will keep monitoring.

It's fixed for me using Excel online. I didn't change anything.

It's working again for my users!  We didn't need to change anything.  Finally!

@HKirkland455 I can confirm it's working for us this morning as well. 

Staff here also report that the function seems to have been restored.
Yup, as others have stated, AutoComplete is back to working for us as of this morning.

problem solved today! Thank you for the update

Just following for any available info since tech support seems stumped. This is still not working (at least for me) in Excel desktop.
That's strange. I tested it out yesterday and had no issues. Not sure if refreshing your browser would have any impact on it...
Someone else had an answer--at least to why it's broken. Why on earth MS tech support doesn't have this info (and has spent HOURS with me trying to fix it) is a whole other topic, I guess.

This might help anyone wondering if they're nuts or their Excel is corrupted, etc.

Perfect timing for purchasing 365... Can't tell if it was working before, for sure it doesn't work now.

EU region. Desktop app.

As an alternative, on desktop version, you can have the autocomplete functionality by using a free Excel add-in "Search deList". You can find it here:
It gives you a unique, sorted & non-empty list, and you can search by multiple keywords.

Hello! is there a release version I can reference that has for the autocomplete from a list? I am using Office365 Desktop, no beta. Has this been fully rolled out? Its June and it looks like the last reports on this were months ago. Thanks!!

10/10/22-data validation autocomplete suddenly stopped working...what was the fix for this issue back in April?!

Back in April it was only occurring in Excel Online and the fix was something MS did on their end that was never explained. It just resolved itself so it must have been some patch they deployed to the online version that broke it and maybe they just rolled it back.

My recommendation would be a ticket to Microsoft. There was no actual solution you could apply to fix this.

@Adam Young 


It's December and I am rolling over this years file and setting up next year's. The autocomplete doesn't work on a data validation list.