Auto Sum cells up to todays date

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I want to Sum the Gangers Allowance in row 8. 


I used the formula =SUMIFS(E8:AM8, E6:AM6, "<="&TODAY()) to auto-sum only the hours from week 1 up to the current date.  this worked fine when I input the day's date in each column on row 6. Now that I have merged the weeks, the Sum only counts the Hrs in the Monday columns. 


how do I make it count all days?

Screenshot 2023-11-15 160258.png



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Enter the actual dates in row 7, formatted with the custom format ddd, so that they display Mon, Tue, Wed, etc., just as now.

You can then use

=SUMIFS(E8:AM8, E7:AM7, "<="&TODAY())