Auto repeat the set of data multiple number of times

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I have a set of 200 rows of data in excel, As I am making their sales from Jan'22 to May'22, I have to repeat the set of data every day. I am currently manually copying the data so I have to copy the set of data for 150 times. Is there a way using VBA or formula either in excel or in MS Access to copy the set multiple times as per our requirement?


Example: I have below table of data, that I need to be copy/pasted from 01/01/2022 to 03/31/2022. Kindly help me.


S.NoEMP IDEmployee NameDate
4125485King 1/1/2022
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I have to ask why? just enter the DATA and then report what you need. So in your example you have Employee_Table (columns A:C) then a Data_Table that has EMP ID, Date, value(s)
Then you can use a pivot table, power query, or cell functions like FILTER() to create your "report" or whatever you need.
That all said, you could use this for the date column:
then highlight the other cells and double click the small dot/box in the bottom right corner