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So I have an excel sheet with 657 total rows. They are destination A to destination b with a column for me to fill in on a price to get product from point A to B. Some of these rows are duplicates. Is there a way to fill in a price of one row and it will automatically fill that same price in for all of the rows with the same destinations?

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@NickM9880 It sounds like you want/need a lookup.  So I suggest you create a 2nd table that has the unique values and enter the corresponding prices.  The in the other column you do a lookup into that table for the particular value and return the corresponding price.  This sort of lookup could use LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, or in Excel 365 XLOOKUP (and other options).  Also if you have Excel 365 you can use the function UNIQUE() to create that list of unique values for that other table.