Auto populating a grid from a spreadsheet

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Sorry that this is basic!  However can anyone provide a bit of education on Excel?? In particular on how to get existing and new data in a spreadsheet to auto populate a grid?

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What do you mean by "auto populate a grid"? Do you mean getting data from an external source (like a database, or a csv file) into Excel? Check out the options Excel offers to you on the Data tab of the ribbon.

Many thanks Jan, much appreciated.  It's for a spreadsheet that is already populated with various data fields.  This can also be added to of course on an ongoing basis.  The solution will be to have the data auto-feed/auto-populate into an associated (adjacent) grid.  So that when someone enters or changes the data in the spreadsheet it automatically feeds into/changes in the separate grid.   I hope that makes sense...?

So why would you need the same data twice?
It's a results element in the grid. It's a interpretation of the original data entered into the spreadsheet. So it's showing an outcome in the grid and a set of results based on the spreadsheet...