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Hello all,


I'm trying to have text auto populate in a cell based of off three cells in the same row.  I'm want to use it a checklist feature in a progress tracking document.  The idea is the row represents a job and each of the three columns is a task that must be done for the job to be completed.




Above is what I would like to have.  The E Column is the cells I would like to have the "Y" or "N" auto populate.   I have tried to use IF and IFS functions with no luck. Is there any other functions I can use?


Any help will be much appreciated even if it is that I can't do it.  Then at least I will not be chasing my tail and can move on.



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Did you try




@Sergei Baklan 


I did not try that way.  Thank you very much Sir.  This will save my group and myself alot of time.


once again thank you.

@Dan_Mc , you are welcome