auto populate on a second table data IF the answer is Yes


i am building out a work book and am needing to auto populate the "contracts" table IF the previous table has a "yes" in the "needs contract" column. all data is within tables. i need it to find the name(not always unique) and S_ID(which would be unique) then copy that data into the contract table.

both tables will be added to, edited so data needs to update to the "contracts table either on refresh or automatically. col1=s_ID, col10=concatenated name, col12 ="needs contract' and will have yes or no(with data validation)

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@NMattoon_22 You can use a Pivot Table for this by selecting the original table and Insert -> PivotTable and then select needs contract as the filter and select the columns you want to display.

You can also recreate it using FILTER() function. 



=FILTER(col10:col10, col12:col12="yes")

where "col1:col1" is the proper reference to that column (e.g. "A:A" or "Table1[s_ID]")

if you include a sample sheet it would be easy to show you.