Auto Populate Data based on Start & End Date

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With the current formula above, I have to enter the "End Date" in order for it to populate. I would like for it populate when the End Date is blank, then once the End Date is entered it would true it up to that date.






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May I suggest that you attach not an image but a copy of the actual spreadsheet? Just so long as it includes no confidential information.

@mathetes I have attached it now. Thank you.


I recognized nothing on the screenshot, in general that could be like

=IF(EndDate="", "", EndDate - StartDate)


I have attached the file now to the post...sorry I thought I had.
First off, thank you both for taking a look at my formula and sheet. I believe I have figured out my formula. I basically add an IF AND to reflect when the end date is blank to populate across the sheet. Once the end date is entered, it trues up the cost to the end date of the item or equipment.

=IF(AND(K$2>=$G255,K$2<=$H255),$I255, IF(AND(K$2>=$G255, $H255=""),$I255,""))