Auto input of data based on a text cell

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My data is list of players for each team in a competition. I want to put the header (name of the team) and the rest (players' names) be autofilled. How can I do that?
A1: team1 B1: team2 ...
A2: player1 B2: player1
A3: player2 B3: player2
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@Milad1376 Which Excel version are you on? Always the same amount of players on each team?

Excel 2013. And yes, each team has 11 players. And sorry for my bad English. I want to dedicate two culumns aside the player data, where I input the name of the team and their players be automatically filled from lists beside it on that sheet.

@Milad1376 Am not using 2013 myself, but I know it hasn't all the modern features that would make this task very easy. But perhaps the attached workbook will help you getting started. Teams are listed in a separate sheet and on the first sheet you can select a team (Data Validation) and the list of players is displayed for that team. It uses a combination of INDEX and MATCH.

Thanks for your help. Exactly what I was looking for.