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Hi. I like to think I'm intermediate with Excel. But I am stumped and I have looked all through this forum and even tried to use as many formulas as possible with no luck. If there is already a post, I genuinely apologize.


I'm making a time sheet for my employer and would like to have one cell increment by 4 ever two weeks based on specific cells being populated with any alphanumeric. I want the two cells in the red box to increase by 4 when the purple cells have any alphanumeric typed in (through out the whole page). So it would bring the Total Accrued ANNUAL AND SICK to 40 and 40, then two weeks later another 4 will be added and so forth. 





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You don't show the row numbers and column letters, but let's assume that the purple cells are D8, D22, D36 etc.

The formula could be