auto fit row height when pasting text into a cell

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How do I get excel to automatically adjust the row height after I have pasted text into a cell? If I type text into the cell, it automatically adjusts as I type, but if I try to copy text from another cell or from a word document and past it into the cell, the cell does not auto adjust. 

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@JWFlinders you can highlight all rows that are effected and hover your mouse in between two of the rows until the curser changes to the icon shown below.  Then double click and it will auto-fit all rows selected.  




My file is going to an end user. I do not want the end user to need to do anything other then enter the data. Anyh other way around this?

@JWFlinders Without knowing specifics of the possible sources for the copy which will then be pasted, it's difficult for me to say.  Frankly, that's the only option (aside from pre-formatting the cells to the anticipated content), which comes to mind for me but providing specifics may help others chime in with solutions.