Auto filters in shared spreadsheets

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I have a large shared spreadsheet in Teams with autofilters, when staff are filtering they are sometimes given the choice to filter for themselves, or filter for everyone. Can I force them to  'filter for themselves', as when they select for all, the filters disappear for all other users.

Am I missing som

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@Calum Marshall 

I do not think there is an easy way for this. however you can try to use seperate workbooks for every worker and let them see their info only and then merge these workbooks in a main workbook with power query. You can place these personal workbooks to folders with access right assigned to that user and an administrator so that user can only open his own folder with his workbook and cannot access to other ones. 

The user who needs to merge all the data to the main workbook need to have access to all the users personel folder for power query to read them.