Auto fill multiple rows

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I need to highlight an entire row based on a search of 38,000 rows. In one column there are multiple variables, one of which is "FST,". I want to be able to find every instance in this one column where "FST," exists and highlight that entire row automatically. I have already discovered that there are 4762 instances where "FST," is in column I. I can change the format so that the individual cell is highlighted, but I don't want just the cell highlighted. I want the entire row highlighted "FST," without having to individually highlight each one. 

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@MYGreenlee  Select the entire table and then in conditional formatting select 'New Rule' and then select 'Use a formula to determine which cells to format' and then enter something like:


Where D is the column you want to search.

And of course select the formatting/highlighting you want to be applied.