Auto fill in other ballots when importing data

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Hello everybody.

I use Excel web, through the Windows computer.


I have two spreadsheets, one to register (Sheet A) and the other with a list of products (Sheet B), which contains some information together.

I want to type the code on Sheet A, and importing the data from Sheet B, the ballots complete themselves on Sheet A.


Here's Worksheet A:



Here's Worksheet B:




If I type code 680 on Sheet A, I want it to auto-complete SheetA -> A2 and SheetA -> A7. The data to fill in these ballots will be on Worksheet B.

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When you say you have 2 worksheets are you really saying you have 2 workbooks or 1 workbook with 2 worksheets? If it is the former (2 workbooks) I would suggest you move the other workbook sheet into the same workbook.
That said, all you need is to use a formula like:
=VLOOKUP(A2, Range_on_sheet_B, Col_to_return, False)
so may look like:
=VLOOKUP(A2, 'Worksheet B'!A1:C20, 2, False)