Auto debit payment on or after set date of month

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I need a formula that will input into a cell a negative number and keep it that way until a set date has arrived and then change it to a positive number and keep it positive thereafter.

For instance, my Netflix payment is auto-debited from my banking account on the 15th of each month. Instead of entering that payment manually, a formula that would auto-enter that payment (keeping it negative until it is paid, keeping it positive after being paid) would be nice to have. I have a simple Excel 365 budget sheet (divided into 2 six month (Jan - Jun & Jul - Dec) sections) to track my monthly household payments. Thank you in advance!

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I would think you mean either $0.00 or the $9.99 fee (or whatever it is), not negative same amount switching to positive.
Here's a formula that refers to a date--I'd put the dates the payments are due in their own column (A4 in this example) next to the Netflix entries.
This keeps the value at zero until the date is passed the auto-payment date.
I didn' think to give the due dates their own column. I'll give this a try and see how well it works for my needs. Thank you!
It appears to be working. I have several other payments that are auto-debited from my banking account and have applied this technique & formula, and so far, so good. Thank you, again. (The reason I want to show a negative number before the payment is auto-debited from my account is because I also add all my payments for the month(s) ahead to stay within my budget.) Thanks!