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How do I create multiple drop down lists that auto completes after typing the first few letters, instead of having to search through a large list?


  • PC/Windows 10 
  • See attached excel file of what i basically have.
  • i have a number of slots under dates on one sheet. On another i have a dynamic range of names to assign to the slots. the number of slots/dates as well as list of names are much larger on the actual worksheet.
  • i would like to be able to type the first few letters and have each drop down list suggest a name.
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I've tried the approach on that website..couldn't get it to work though. Was hoping someone might have a more simplified approach.


See the attached workbook. You will have to allow macros when you open it.

excellent. let me see if I can apply it to my larger spreadsheet.
I see where i went wrong and was able to apply it to my larger worksheets. Last question, any idea how to apply it single click as opposed to doubling clicking each cell?
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Here you go: