Auto add rows to bottom when checkbox filled

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Trying to create a more simplified form. 


Top of form would be on every form.  (name, address, phone, ect) 

Then I would like a row with a checkbox's. or buttons 

If the checkbox is ticked, I would like it to auto add the relevant rows I have in a separate tab in the same workbook (if checked, insert rows 3-10 of "sheet 2" for example) 


For example: 

Builder info and unit info boxes always at top

If customer picks ceramic, Tick checkbox and have it add the ceramic rows

same for any subsequent "Trades" that need to be added. 


This way, if its only one trade, the form wouldn't take any space for the "hw" or "cpt" unless those boxes were selected on the main form section to the top. Currently I have it set up as "Group rows" which places a plus sign.  This requires I leave a row showing in order to label the hidden rows for others who access the form. 


Any ideas? Not great at macro/VB yet.  In the attached, the first tab is my current form. Tab 2 has the row with spots for checkboxes. 





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In order not to be misunderstood, in the community it is the aim of excel users to give help on their project (from Excel users), or rather, to provide food for thought and not to deliver finished work or finished ideas.


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