Authentication Not Working With Excel Hyperlink

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EXCEL 365 Build 13231.20262


When I have Chrome open and connected to a cloud based application which works with Office365 Pas thru Authentication, If I click on a hyperlink within an Outlook Email message a new tab is opened in my existing Chrome Window and that tab is directed to the specified URL in the hyperlink. Because the existing tab is already signed in the new tab works, it does not require me to re-do any authentication. 


If I click on that exact same Hyperlink within an Excel Workbook a new tab is opened but I am taken to the apps login page and the existing tab I had opened that was already authenticated/connected is also disconnected and I must re-do the login process. This exact same behavior can be found clicking on the same Hyperlink/URL in a Word document. 


Any ideas on why when using the hyperlink form within Excel (or Word)  it ends up logging me out yet that does not happen if the Hyperlink is clicked from within an Outlook email?

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very interesting
So far your "That's interesting" reply is the ONLY reply I've seen in response to this not only here but other excel base forums so clearly this is either very new and or very unique.