Auotmatic population of a pick list by a keyword

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Hi All,

I'm creating a costing sheet for equipment and I need to choose similar items from a list. To save sorting through a large pick list I need to be able to type a keyword which will populate a smaller  balloon/picklist from which I can choose the item and return a value from another sheet.


Can anyone help with the steps/formula for this?

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Please attach your sample file.


My apoligies I have been unavailable for a couple of weeks.. In Reply..


What we are trying to do is type a keyword into a cell (see A31 below) which will then return a list of items with the same keyword from another sheet that we can select an item from.



type format.png


The list we would get back would look similar to this


List of stainless items.JPG


Once the item is chosen a value would then populate the corresponding cell in the row, in this case cell D31.


The macros seen in the first item are being removed to allow for more space on the A4 page when a hard copy is printed.

Is it poosible to embed a macro into a picklist or vlookup?