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Hi Hans


you have been of great help weeks ago on Macros and I thank you again for that;

you save me a lot of time avoiding to rewrite Macros.

I'm sure you will be of great help again.

Issue today is with IF functions:

AND) when adding new data to a file, I need to ensure new "names" are the same as existing "names", sorted equally, to avoid mixing data per "name", which would mean data useless;

OR ) to notice when data per name is fixed, in this case over a period of 3 entries.

I'm attaching an extraction of my file, where several of these checks are done.

As mentioned in my request, when introducing a new check, function was not reacting as I was expecting, implying the checks were not done.

I remember now, that this week an update of Windows occurred, shifting Office into 365;

Office is now back to version I bought 

Thank you for your support 


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Hi JorgeLx,

Hans Vogelaar (MVP) mentioned you in a post! Join the conversation below:

Re: Multiple IF Function


A condition such as D7=E7=F7 won't do what you want. It is equivalent to (D7=E7)=F7, so it is TRUE if D7=E7 and F7=TRUE or if D7<>E7 and F7=FALSE.

And the closing parenthesis of OU(...) is placed incorrectly.

It should be




I'm used to If Functions, And and Or, on multiple version (ex: =SI(OU(D7=E7=F7;D8=E8=F8;...;"yes";"no)); in some cases to check numbers, in others to check text, names eventually alphanumeric; it may happen that cells with text are declared has numbers (if I have to insert columns, for numbers, immediately afterwards);

all of a sudden, implementing a new function it doesn't work in a new sheet, at all; previous ones, in other sheets keep functioning correctly;  no change of the pc, Windows or Office versions; the excel file has now less than 6KB, less than 40 sheets, in some sheets some 600 columns, in some sheets some 600 lines

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Hi Jorge,


I'm not sure what your question is.