Attempting to match values from two columns in a separate worksheet

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Hi, I am not very experienced with coding.  I have two worksheets, in one a column of values that I would like to lookup in the second worksheet (from two columns) and enter in another column if match found or else return error (or comment).  I have concatenated addresses in column V of Sheet 2, would like to lookup in columns AD, AE in Sheet 3, and populate the matches or error in column W of Sheet 2.  I was able to have success with vLookup function




 but only looks in another single column.


I was looking at Method 1 given in the thread below, but cannot figure out how to adjust the function for my data.

How to copy row data matching specific column criteria - Microsoft Tech Community

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@bg3075 how about:


Yes, that is exactly it. Thank you!!


That definitely helped resolve a few more rows of data.  I wonder if it would be possible to maybe extend this to check if a range of numerical (address) values are within a range of the values in the other spreadsheet (if the street names match).  I'm thinking that may only be something possible to pursue in the vba editor though.

Possible, very likely, but it may get a bit messy. Can you be more specific about what you need? Maybe start a new thread with this updated request as there are some here that are particularly skilled at doing multiple arrays using LET and other functions.