Attempting an if_then_sum formula more complex than I know how to setup

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I have a budget broken out by week starting on Sundays and have each week's month/day in the header (e.g., 8/6).   I then have on a different sheet a list of my income payees, what week (e.g., 8/6) they are set to hit my account (called Funds Available).


I need a formula in Sheet 1 that identifies the rows on Sheet 2 using the 'week Funds Available' column that points back to the 'week start' value in the column where the formula is needed and then takes the Sum of the values in the 'Funds Expected' column.


Would someone be able to supply me with an elegant formula for this?


Thanks,  Angela

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Your description does not lend itself to creating a formula, as you identify column headings but not column letters, and even the column headings may be misleading.  (And as you do not mention table names, I will assume you are not using Excel tables.)  It would have helped if you had attached a sample workbook (with real names and amounts replaced).


See the attached workbook for a possible formula using the SUMIF function.  If you had needed two different selection criteria, such as selecting dates between two dates, you could use a formula with the SUMIFS function.